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The Buckshot Lake Cottagers Association (BLCA) is a non-profit organization incorporated in 1995.  Its principal purpose is to provide services for its members and to represent the interest of both full-time residents and seasonal cottagers of Buckshot Lake in both townships – North Frontenac and Addington Highlands.

BLCA functions on the principle that Buckshot Lake is a unique place where water quality, natural beauty, fish and wildlife habitat, recreational activities, rich biological diversity, social interaction, peace and tranquility are maintained and enhanced for present and future generations. The association encourages its members to play an active role in the ongoing preservation of the health of our lake.

BLCA is engaged in the following activities on behalf of its members:

  1. Stewardship Activities: identify programs, activities, workshops and educational materials in support of the lake’s ecosystems and environment for fish, wildlife and natural vegetation
  2. Monitor Water Quality: to maintain and improve our current standard of good water quality and water level management
  3. Boating and Recreation: support the enjoyment of boating and other water recreational activities while respecting the desire for peace and tranquility
  4. Fisheries/Wildlife: protect and enhance the natural elements that fish depend on to ensure a healthy population and to provide a sustainable fishery for anglers
  5. Listen to the Concerns of Members: respond is a timely fashion to the issues raised by members
  6. Municipal and Government Services: work with municipalities to improve the delivery of services required by the Buckshot Lake community – lakefront development, shoreline rehabilitation, waste management, emergency and fire responses, by-law enforcement
  7. Communication Plan – organize and implement a comprehensive approach for communicating key messages on the website, newsletters and email.
  8. Sense of Community: bring together the occupants of the lake at social events

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