Algae Blooms on Buckshot

Bill Fretts reported an algae bloom had come onto his beach … see photo.

This was reported to the biologist at MVCA, and her response (Saturday evening … hows that for service!) is as follows:

“I won’t be in to the office on Monday morning I wanted to get back to you on this as I’m sure you and your neighbours have many questions. It is an algae bloom but without lab testing it is impossible to know if it is a blue green algae bloom. You should give the MOE spill action hotline a call at 1-800-268-6060. They will determine if they will come out and take a sample.

In the mean time I recommend the precautionary approach and not swim in or drink the water.

If you would like more information about algae blooms and their links to human health please check our website or contact your local health unit.

Have a nice day,
Kelly Stiles”

It was reported to the Ministry of the Environment hot-line on Tuesday.

An officer from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change visited the lake on Wednesday, September 20, but by then the bloom had dissipated and the water was clear.

If you have questions or concerns about using the water that are not answered in the mvc website listed above or the website and fact sheets below, please contact the Kingston District Office at 613-549-4000 and refer to Incident Report number 2080-ARCGPM.

If you spot another similar bloom, call the hot line 1-800-268-6060 right away … it’s answered 24/7. If the MOECC folks decide it need to be checked in detail, they will come out the next day.

More information is available on the MOECC website

and  in these fact sheets:

BGA_Fact_Sheet_-_Drinking Water_Systems

BlueGreen Algae Fact Sheet _ Backgrounder

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