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Over the years, concerns have been expressed at various AGM’s about fireworks at the lake. As with many things, there are those who enjoy, those who don’t, and many in between. Along with the spectacular visual displays, there are noise and chemical polluting effects to be considered, and possible fire risks. Our townships do not allow fireworks during a fire ban, for obvious reasons, and the flying fire lanterns are prohibited at all times.

There is now quite a bit of information available on polluting effects of fireworks, products that are designed to be cleaner, and some indications on the frequency of fireworks displays above which chemical pollution problems become serious. In the interest of promoting a better understanding of the issues, links to some of this information are listed below, along with a letter, “Thoughts on Fireworks at the Lake”, from one of your lake neighbours discussing the issue. Comments to are welcome.

Thoughts on Fireworks at the Lake

FOCA: Fireworks and Flying Lanterns

Backcountry Attitude: Fireworks – Cheap Thrills with Toxic Consequences

Fireworks: Clear Lake, Muskoka

Pyrotechnics for the Planet

Our Prettiest Pollutant

Fireworks: Environmental, Wildlife and Property Issues

Festive Fireworks Create Harmful Pall of Pollution

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