Ode for Buckshot Lake

A song about the joys of Buckshot Lake played on banjo, sung and written by Arthur McGregor.


Ode for Buckshot Lake

Words and music by Arthur McGregor

Paddling down Buckshot Lake
On a summer afternoon
The canoe slides through the water
Like a lazy old blues tune
The dragon flies so big and fast
A helicopter’s twin
Paddling down Buckshot Lake
I think I’ll jump right in


The water is like velvet
I feel it everywhere
If time is still passing
Well I don’t really care
You’ve got to join me
But you don’t have to be here
Just find your own Buckshot Lake
And time will disappear

Swinging in the hammock
On a summer’s afternoon
The breeze blows so gently
Hey. There’s a call of a loon
A merganser mom paddles by
Followed by her fleet
It’s a magical place this Buckshot Lake
Life here is so sweet


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