Shoal Markers

The Buckshot Lake Cottagers’ Association deploys and maintains Transport Canada-approved yellow shoal markers on 13 major shoal hazards on the lake, to assist with safe and enjoyable navigation. The markers are deployed each May and removed in late September, replaced by white plastic markers for the winter season. The exact dates for deployment and removal are dependent on weather conditions and volunteer availability, and will be reported on this website and in BLCA newsletters.

Please boat with caution, and be aware that with the mainly rocky shoreline, there are many unmarked hazards close to shore, and particularly off the many points around the lake. If you see a damaged buoy, or find one that has drifted off, please notify the BLCA executive using the Contact Us form on this BLCA website.

Please refrain from decorating or defacing the buoys in any way. We know it’s tempting because they do look like minions, but the buoys must be properly marked and have reflective tape intact to function properly and to meet Transport Canada requirements.

These buoys are placed for boating safety and should not be used as an anchor or tie-up point for any reason. Doing so could shift the buoy anchor out of position.

11 April 2021

12 of the 13 yellow shoal markers have been deployed. One of the winter markers by Crab Island was damaged / destroyed by ice and it will take some time to get this marker in place. Please use extra caution when boating in the vicinity of Crab Island.

20 September 2020

The yellow marker buoys have been removed for the season, and replaced with white plastic markers.

6 July 2020

The anchor and chain problems have been resolved, and all 13 yellow marker buoys are now in place.

18 May 2020

10 of the 13 shoal markers have been deployed. For the 3 other markers, listed below, the winter markers were either destroyed by the ice, or dragged enough by the ice to shift the anchor and entangle the chain. It will take some time and effort to get these markers repaired or replace.

  1. Crab Island: One of the 2 southerly shoals off Crab Island – no sign of winter marker and too rough to see anchor/chain.
  2. Campers Island: In front of Campers Island. Chain tangled.
  3. Campers Island, North Bay: Winter marker destroyed and chain on the bottom, to be recovered.

Please use extra caution when boating in these areas.

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