Stewardship Action Program

Buckshot Lake Stewardship Action Program (BLSAP) – Approved July 15, 2012
July 15.2012

Purpose of Lake Stewardship

Lake Stewardship involves voluntarily adopting practices that will protect and improve the health of Buckshot Lake for our families and future generations. It means taking responsibility for our lake. Stewardship also includes developing programs in education and conservation as well as encouraging the involvement of the Buckshot Lake community. It is a powerful tool in building positive attitudes toward our natural resources and encouraging all of us to focus on actions to improve and sustain our natural systems.

A stewardship plan is an action-oriented guide developed to reflect and preserve the special and unique characters of the lake. It is about learning what we can do to ensure the long term protection of Buckshot Lake and its watershed.

Our Vision for Buckshot Lake

Buckshot Lake is a unique place where water quality, natural beauty, fish and wildlife habitat, recreational activities, rich biological diversity, social interaction, peace and tranquility are maintained and enhanced for present and future generations.

Principles of the Stewardship Plan

1. Protect, improve and sustain the natural environment of the lake
2. Encourage voluntary compliance to all municipal by-laws and government regulations
3. Promote stewardship ethics and best management practices
4. Educate and communicate
5. Draw on the experience and traditional knowledge of the community
6. Identify and address local stewardship needs in partnership with others
7. Resolve issues through compromise and respect


The overall objective of the Buckshot Lake Stewardship Action Program (BLSAP) is to involve property owners, users, municipalities, and other agencies in programs aimed at preserving and improving the health of our lake. The BLSAP will promote a stewardship ethic and mindset that will encourage property owners to practice responsible stewardship of the lake environment. The BLSAP will focus on the following specific objectives:

1. Stewardship Activities: Identify programs, activities, workshops and educational materials in support of the BLSAP.

2. Boating and Recreation: Promote the enjoyment of safe boating and other recreational activities on Buckshot Lake while respecting the rights of owners who may prefer a more quiet and peaceful environment.
3. Fisheries/Wildlife: Advocate for the protection and enhancement of the natural elements that fish depend on to ensure a healthy population and to provide a sustainable fishery for anglers.

4. Environment: Advocate for the protection of the ecosystems of our lake to ensure a high quality environment for fish, wildlife, vegetation and people now and for the future.

5. Municipalities, Government, Agencies and groups: Work with all our stakeholders to encourage consistent and uniform bylaws and regulations governing the administration of lakefront property development.

6. Lakefront Development: Encourage shoreline development and landscaping practices that are in keeping with the character of the physical and natural environment of Buckshot Lake.

7. Protection of Riparian Zone (areas that surround the lake): Encourage the sound management of areas around the lake (both upstream and downstream) in the watershed including logging activities and any future potential back-lot development.

8. Sense of Community: Bring together the lake community to build a common sense of ownership and responsibility for protecting Buckshot Lake beginning with implementing the Lake Stewardship Action Plan.

Stewardship Activities and Actions

1. Engage the Buckshot Lake Community: Develop a network of volunteers to carry out the stewardship activities  and actions reflected in the Buckshot Lake Stewardship Action Program.

2. Monitoring Programs:

a. Monitor Water Quality: Join the Ministry of the Environment’s Lake Partner Program. The program provides tools and techniques to measure and record water clarity, temperature, total phosphorus levels and possibly other chemicals in the lake. Final results are analyzed and published for long term assessments of water quality changes across the province.
b. Monitoring programs for invasive species, the loon population, and trout spawning.

3. Septic Systems Education: Contact the two municipalities and the District Health Unit to identify and publish information about maintaining septic systems. Encourage the municipalities to implement a broad septic system re-inspection program and encourage lake occupants to negotiate group discounts with a supplier of septic system pumping services.

4. Communication Plan to Provide Information to Property Owners and other Lake Users: Organize and implement a comprehensive approach for communicating key messages and information to property owners:
a. Docktalk Program (FOCA)
b. Boating awareness and safe use of all recreational vehicles
c. Shoreline care
d. Septic re-inspection program
e. Invasive species and species at risk
f. Loon survey, status of trout population

5. Shoreline Protection: Encourage the protection of the natural shoreline by providing information to property owners highlighting the role of the shoreline in preserving the quality of the lake.

6. Boating Awareness: Promote the safe and environmentally friendly operation of watercraft on the lake.

7. Continue to Work with the Municipalities, Government, Agencies and Groups: Ensure that land use policy and regulations (e.g. official plan, zoning by-law) are consistent with watershed sustainability and provide a guide for future development and redevelopment, especially with respect to: water quality, natural shorelines, wetlands, fish and wildlife habitat, species at risk habitat, resource extraction and setting appropriate lake capacity limits for future residential and commercial development and re-development.

Approved at the July 15, 2012 Annual General Meeting

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